Future Gigs

Earlier Gigs

Rob's latest sqeeze

Another Red Strat (It’s a Squire but it plays like a dream and looks the part too

Another of Rob's Babies

Squire/bitser Telecaster – she may be a mongrel
but she can give any pedegree a run for their money




Martin's Baja tele, early version with the larger neck 4 way switch and S1

Rob's Babies

The Red Strat (It’s a Californian series, 1997, I think. Bought new in 1998 from the [now closed] Chappell's of Bond Street

Rob's Babies

The Candy Apple Red Telecaster – she’s beautiful!
Bought for me by my family on Father’s day 2010.
It’s now my favorite gigging guitar!


Strat Plus Deluxe Ash



Strat Plus Deluxe Red, Silver & Blue Lace Sensors this one has an Ash body could this be the Strat model Martin has been looking for?

Candy Apple Red 98 Strat Plus much modified now shown in its current guise with noiseless pickups & and S1 wiring for a huge range of sounds, without losing that classic look, now one of Ron's babies, it's been reunited with a set of Gold Lace Sensors and very nice it sounds too.

1986 Fender Strat 60s reissue, one of the made Japan ones that were arguably better than the American strats of the period, its got Texas Specials as well and that colour !

Stevie Ray Vaughan Strat, Texas specials, very middly sound for a strat, probably due to the pickups and large neck, nice though. Now keeping the Blues alive in Cumbria

Yet another Strat but this time in a lovely light blue with a rosewood board (how many more colour's do they do ?

Fender Strat Sunburst Relic another of Ron's babies, lovely sound and a real way back when vibe too ! Another one gone the way of Ebay



Ron's Telecaster Thinline, does exactly what you would expect a good Tele to do and looks good too


Strat Plus Deluxe Red (hot bridge), Silver & Blue (neck sounds like p90 great blues sound) Lace Sensors this one has an Alder body in a lovely shade of blue, moved just down the road to Luton.


Clapton Strat, noiseless pickups, mid boost, v shaped neck all you could ask of a strat and more. This one now lives with Sam in Hull, Martin's home town


Old telecaster, real bitser but its got treble like you would not believe and bit by bit it is departing to Ebay