Future Gigs

Earlier Gigs

Rob's Babies

The Yamaha APX-7A

1984 Tokai Strat, lovely smooth sound from its Lace Sensors

Fret King Super 60 HB

Rob's latest squeeze, Fret King Super 60, great quality super strat designed by one of Rob's school mates


Aria TA-61 very nice 335/330/345 hybrid with switch to split the humbuckers - lots of great sounds

Patrick Eggle Berlin Pro, this one was apparently a custom order so it has both the 9 way switching and a tone control making it very versatile, Seymour Duncan pickups, Wilkinson trem and Ebony board not to mention the colour make it rather special, this is now Ron's baby.

70s Aria PE top quality example from when they still made them in Japan.

Rickenbacker 360 V64 reissue the sound of the sixties, and it sounds as good as it looks, Ron's pride and joy and justly so!




Martin's Freshman Apollo electro-acoustic excellent value for money and very handy for knocking up a tune, another one that's unlikely to get to a VS gig, another one gone the way of Ebay, I hope the young lady who received it as a Christmas present is enjoying it.

Suhr Custom Classic with SSC (no single coil hum) and a Villex passive mid boost. Beautifully made Swamp Ash Strat by the man who made those very special guitars for Mark Knopfler - a quality piece of kit, now gone the way of Ebay - Martin just can't get on with Strats no matter how good they are :-(

Patrick Eggle Berlin Pro - excellent build quality and materials Ebony fretboard Seymour Duncan pickups and 9 way switching arguably British guitar building at its best, gone to Manchester via Ebay.

Wouldn't be fair to miss out Martin's old Eko, doubt you'll ever see this one at a gig.

Vintage 335 copy, actually a very nice guitar but it didn't get much of a look in with all the others so hopefully its keeping someone happy.


Patrick Eggle Los Angles Pro, early model with Kent Armstrong pickups (tapable giving 10 pickup options), Wilkinson Trem and a "Blower" switch this one is wired to switch to the bridge humbucker (something you find on some Tom Anderson guitars not sure who had the idea first, but its a good one) This one has now living and rocking in Chesterfield



Brian Moore 8i.13 not bad for a cheapie, huge range of sounds from 2 Seymour Duncan humbuckers plus a piezo loaded bridge and Roland compatible Synth output. This one is now working its magic in Cornwall!


Active electrics, slim carbon fibre neck even a guitarist can play super Fernandez now keeping music live in Leicester


Unusual JHS through neck construction 24 frets and active electrics - huge range of sounds believed to be an XG250 - 70s vintage, now keeping the blues alive in Surrey.

Musicman Axis SuperSport Piezo, two buckers with a 5 way switch that give a similar set of sounds to a PRS CU 5 way plus a piezo bridge for pretty authentic acoustic sounds, separate outputs options as well if you want to feed the desk, then there is that 60s profile oil/waxed maple neck that just feels great, now rocking in Italy

Ibanez RG560

Ibanez RG560 Pearlescent Purple, Wizard Neck, Ibanez Edge Trem, 1991 speed machine from the Fujigen factory in Japan that produced some of their best guitars.