Carr Slant 6v

Real Boutique Heaven – completely hand wired – custom everything – 4 6v6 output valves that can be configured as 2 fixed bias or 2 cathode biased or all at once giving 18 – 22 or 40w two completely independent channels, with boost on the second and valve reverb on both -just class

Two Rock Custom Reverb Sig V2

About as Boutique as you can get, crazy attention to detail, hand selected and matched components create an amp that sings as much gain as you would want but even clean it sustains forever and every guitar sounds different, just so transparent, probably as close to a Dumble as mortals can get tone heaven!

Rob’s Marshall 2100 Lead/Bass 50. Vintage 1976.

It used to belong to an old friend, sadly departed – Sid Worth. I bought the amp from his daughter and promised to look after it for him. It’s still Sid’s amp, really… So, it’ll not be appearing on e-Bay… well, not until I’m gone!

Rob’s special one!

It’s a 40th Anniversary special (1962 JAG #18 of only 30 for purchase) and was bought as an investment. Anyone wishing to purchase it will need to have won the lottery to make me a serious offer. Very pretty, but not very practical!

Marshall JMP-1C 1×10 Combo

Another of Rob’s amps, 0.1 to 1w of class A valve power, Marshall’s own tribute to their amps of the 1970s as part of their 50th Anniversary celebrations.

Vox AC30 C1 with stand

Vox AC30 C1 with stand, Rob’s latest amp, what is there to say updated version of the amp that lead the British invasion from the Shadows through the Beatles to who knows where every one has used them, true classic, pretty in red too.

Fender Prosonic

2×10 30 – 60w 3 rectifier options arguably one of the best modern Fenders,this one is Ron’s, two others like it have gone the way of Ebay

60s Fender Tremolux

60s Fender Tremolux with its original 2×10 cab, you can’t get much more vintage than that. Loverly clean Fender tones and small enough to overdrive without going deaf, Oh and there’s that tremlo if you fancy a surf or Shadows moment.

Mesa Boogie MKV

Mesa Boogie MKV possibly the ultimate Swiss army amp, 3 channels each with 3 voices , each can be set independently to drive 10w,45w or 90w output stage, extra voicing switch (different on each channel), graphic or contour control assignable or footswitch control, seperate reverb controls for each channel, solo boost, pentode triode switching, solid state or Valve rectifier, 6L6 or EL34output valves,variac mode (reduces voltage to output valves, in this mode 6V6s can be used) the list goes on any sound you want is in there and its very easy to tweak

Cornell Rambler

Cornell Rambler – 15w hand wired – dual channel – 6V6 powered tone machine – minimal components ensure a very clean signal path less really is more! Another one gone the way of Ebay

Cornford MK50

Cornford MK50 Head and 2×12 cab British hand made valve tone at its best, just quality!

The head is now living with a student from the guitar institute, maybe he will get to play some big enough stages to use the volume.

The second head has gone to Germany

Cornford Hellcat

Cornford Hellcat, 35 Watts of pure British hand made valve tone to die for, hand wired with custom transformers, two channels lush reverb just great and a pair of Celestion Vintage 30s to keep the air moving.The Amp has parted company with its flight case and they now live in Coventry & Sheffield.

The Nomad Wall

2 Boogie Nomad 45s – 3 channels each with 2 voices, both sitting on Boogie 200w extention cabs, mix and match those two and the range of sounds is endless, and they can move a fair bit of air aswell! These have all gone there seperate ways to keep noise levels up around the country!

Mesa Boogie MK4 

Mesa Boogie MK4 – 3 channel all valve tone monster – multiple output/bias options 20 – 80w – weighs a ton – this is actually an early MK4 head in a MK3 cab with 200w EV speaker evil!

This one has gone to East Grinstead to keep music live down there.

Mesa Boogie MK4 Head USA version

Mesa Boogie MK4 Head USA version – 3 channel all valve tone monster – multiple output/bias options 20 – 80w used to drive a pair of Session Celestion loaded 2×10 cabs, 1 open backed, 1 closed if the sound is not in here it does not exist !!! One of the cabs now lives in Paris, the other in Clapham and the amp is in Milton Keynes or Bletchley

Fender Tonemaster & Cab

hand wired Custom Shop Fender’s flagship amp yet another Zinky design just quality !

Now gone the way of Ebay

Mesa Boogie Lonestar Special

2 channels of EL84 Class A Boogie magic each assignable to 5 – 15 or 30/35 Watts and one of the best reverbs Mesa have ever produced, often A/B’d with the Hellcat to give an amazing range of sounds. Now keeping music live in Lanarkshire.

Mesa Boogie Nomad 100w Combo

probably one of the most versatile gigging combos money can buy – 3 channels each with 2 voices – reverb control for each channel – graphic that can be switched – Solo switch – this USA spec version is unusual in its wine red colour – kind of classy Now gone the way of Ebay

Silverface Fender Bassman 50

usually played through 2×12 Jensons, you don’t get much more vintage than that, sounds as sweet as a nut too! Now gone the way of Ebay

Rivera M100 Head

hand built by ex Fender legend Paul Rivera, this is the amp that made his name as an independent builder, 100w of EL34 power and amazing tone shaping capabilities, now only made to special order ! This one is now helping a Ex Session player produce an album with his wife!

A pair of Zinky Blue Velvets

1 x 25w & 1 x 50w from the designer who gave Fender such classics as the Tonemaster, Prosonic and Vibrolux reissue – very simple control stacks allow every guitar to show its sound not the amps – one acts as a speaker cab for the other and a backup just in case 🙂 these two have now parted company to keep other players happy

Cornford Hellcat

35 Watts of pure British hand made valve tone to die for, two channels lush reverb just great, the cab has gone the way of Ebay, just too bulky to get in and out of the house, great sound though. Now creating music in Germany – Amp has also moved on.

Matamp 1224

Another Boutique Beast by the makers of the original Orange amps, 1,2 or 4 valves – class A or A/B – Pentode Triode -3 to 40 clean watts (Dirty don’t ask) – 6 voices – overdrive – reverb – all in a single channel. Hand made in Huddersfield – this is a “stock” version but they will make anything you want and then tweak till you are happy – “real custom shop” may well visit them if I can ever work out what that perfect sound is ! but this gets pretty close, another one gone the way of Ebay.

Roland Blues Cube 60

Only Roland know why they stopped making these amazing combos, (maybe the price £750 was a lot for a solid state combo in 1995), two channels that get closer to a valve sound than any other SS box I have heard, and Roland build quality too !! This one has moved to Bushey

Roland VGA-7

65+65 stereo, amp modeling, guitar modeling, built-in Boss effects it does the lot but its not on wheels for fun. It has now retired to live by the sea in Southampton, with the odd London gig I am told.

Line6 Flextone II

Line6 Flextone II +, 32 amps, 15 cabs, loads of effects and a second amp to go stereo with another speaker cab, lots of variety in a small box. Another one gone the way of Ebay.

Award Sessionette 75

Award Sessionette 75, 75 Watts of British solid state magic (1 of 2 we have), dubbed the British Boogie when they were available new, but a fraction of the price and weight, often used for practice, backup and jam sessions. both now gone the way of ebay

Mesa Boogie Mavrick

30w of class A Boogie magic with dual rectifier options and pretty in tweed too! (keeping a young chap in Northampton happy I believe)

Fender Studio Lead

Fender Studio Lead, 50w solid state pocket rocket.

Roland Cube 60

A new member of the Roland Cube series, 60w two channels one of which has 8 amp emulations to choose from, not to mention DSP effects, a lot of noise from a small box!

Mesa Boogie Celestion Vintage 30

Mesa Boogie Celestion Vintage 30 loaded closed back cab not a piece of kit you see very often but adds to the bottom end when used with an open back Boogie combo

100w mosfet Marshall

100w mosfet Marshall with 1×12 cab, originally bought to use the cab with the Nomad, now used either as a monitor or with the boogie 1x12s to boost the PA. These two have parted company to keep other players happy.ith an open back Boogie combo

Another Prosonic

Another Prosonic this time in red! what else to say Zinky designed, active tone controls and cascading gain stages a Fender that can do a Boogie! now living with Billy in Kent and I am sure making great music.

Tech 21 TradeMark 60

Analogue modeling amp uses SansAmp technology, good but could not live with the valve sounds so ebay it had to be.

Dr Z Charman Ghia

Dr Z Charman Ghia very simple controls just Volume and Tone, 18 very loud watts from a pair of EL84s and what tone this little beauty can really sing – traded in against the Mesa Mark V – If you are quick it might still be in Coda’s Stevenage branch

Trace Elliot Tramp MOSFET

Trace Elliot Tramp MOSFET powered amp (plastic Valves) 40watts twin chanel with Reverb V 30 speaker great little amp bought for small gigs and practice. Gets pretty close to a valve sound without breaking your back, but became a casualty of the funds needed to buy the Boogie Mark V now lives with Steve (who stood in when Ron was ill and will be covering again in October)

Fender “Tweed” Pro Junior

Fender “Tweed” Pro Junior 15w of pure valve tone, the sound of all those early rock records! Ron’s practice and very small gig amp

Cornell Rambler

Cornell Rambler – 15w hand wired – twin channel with reverb – British amp building at its best by the man who made the “Eric” amp now gone the way of Ebay – 3 output levels and sitting on top of a 4 x 10 Cornell cab, now updated with Emminence Ragin Cagun speakers – tone to die for

Future Gigs

July 2024
21st - The Wig & Pen - Northampton
Time: 04:00pm - 06:30pm

27th - The Flowerpot - Bedford
Time: 08:00pm - 10:45pm

August 2024
3rd - The Devonshire Arms (TBC) - Bedford
Time: 09:00pm - 11:00pm

10th - The Walnut Tree - Blisworth
Time: 09:00pm - 11:30pm

17th - The Red Lion - Swaffham Prior
Time: 05:00pm - 07:30pm

25th - The Headlands - Northampton
Time: 02:00pm - 05:00pm

26th - The Flowerpot - Bedford
Time: 08:00pm - 10:45pm

September 2024
21st - The Cellar Bar - Bedford
Time: 08:30pm - 10:45pm

October 2024
5th - The Fox Inn – private party – invitation only - Carlton
Time: 08:30pm - 11:30pm

9th - St James WMC - Northampton
Time: 08:30pm - 11:00pm

13th - Esquires - Bedford
Time: 05:00pm - 08:00pm

November 2024
2nd - Sundon Park Social Club - Luton
Time: 09:00pm - 11:30pm

December 2024
21st - The Flowerpot - Bedford
Time: 08:00pm - 10:45pm

Earlier Gigs