PRS 305 prototype

prototype 305, 513 pickups in neck & bridge which can be tapped,maple neck and body!

PRS Modern Eagle Singlecut

Faded Blue Jean version of the ME1 SC possibly PRS finest model IMHO.

PRS Brent Mason

Designed in conjunction with top session guitarist Brent Mason, extremely versatile 408 pickups + 305 middle with individual split switches further modded with extra switch to give all pickup combinations.

PRS Modern Eagle

As close to Private Stock as you can get without spending 10 grand. Brazilian Rosewood neck, RP pickups, very thin satin nitrocellulose finish, just ouses quality, Paul Reed Smith signed this one for Martin too.

PRS Private Stock SC-58

Rosewood neck, 57/08 pickups, PRS’s new two piece bridge and a shorter 24.5″ scale just one of the most resonant guitar I have ever played. Not quite as powerful as the ME1’s but a beautiful vintage tone and amazing feel, this one is a keeper.

PRS Signature Ltd

PRS’s latest idea, 408 pickup system, different sized neck and bridge pickups with mini switches to give single coil options with virtually no volume loss, phase III tuners, new V12 finish, amazing piece of kit!

PRS Modern Eagle Singlecut Trem

Completes the set one each of the original Modern Eagles, arguably the best non private stock PRS’s ever made, Martin thinks so anyway

PRS Private Stock ? Singlecut

PRS Singlecut probably and artist’s family model, P90, Tom Anderson SD1 and PRS #7 (tapped in pos 2 of the 5 way) Braz fingerboard & trem on full thickness singlecut huge range of sounds.

PRS Singlecut Limited Brazilian Neck

PRS Singlecut Brazilian Neck Limited Edition 10 top (only 250 made) from 2001 – amazing sustain everything you would want a Les Paul style guitar to be – pure quality

PRS Modern Eagle III 25th Anniversary

2010 Modern Eagle III with Dalbergia (a type of Indian Rosewood) neck, bound fingerboard and 3 57/08 Narrowfield pickups, great sounding mini humbuckers, like strat on steroids.

PRS Modern Eagle

Same amazing quality as the Abalone one but this time a Tiger Red hard tail, these just might make most of the others redundant!

PRS Modern Eagle

Faded Blue Jean this was the colour I wanted when I bought my first ME but the Abalone one was the best at the show, the previous owner has upgraded this one with oil/paper cap and volume mod sweet.

PRS McCarty Hollow body II

Piezo double 10 top in Blue Matteo, carved Maple top and back, Mahogany sides, great variety of sounds and as light as a feather now fitted with RP (ME1) pickups for a bit more grunt.

PRS Santana II Limited Edition

One of only 200 made – Brazilian Rosewood neck, darker sounding than the Modern Eagle but a smooth sustain to die for – this is the model Santana played on Supernatural

PRS Custom 24

One of only 300 made with Indian Rosewood neck (Wide Thin), now has BarekNuckle Mule pickups. Absolute joy to play, McCarty style wiring but with push/push tone pot.

PRS 305 25th Anniversary

3 PRS single coils, alder body, maple set neck with rosewood board, power strat type sounds with PRS build quality, amazing.


NF3 – 3 57/08 Narrowfield pickup, light weight Korina body beautiful bolt on maple neck real joy to play.

PRS 513 Rosewood

5 single coils configurable as single coil, medium or high power humbuckers, 13 different sounds in one guitar, Brazilian Rosewood neck, Mahogany body with Maple top, just awesome

PRS Custom 22 Soapbar

Three Seymour Duncan P90s with PRS’s unusual switching options give some great sounds, kind of like a strat on steroids but with PRS’s build quality, now in Germany.

PRS Standard 24

1994 version with small heel, HFS & Vintage Bass pickups and McCarty wiring, wide thin neck for those speedy moments, now in the Netherlands via Ebay

PRS Studio

PRS Studio from 1988 pretty rare H/S/S config for a PRS only in production for a couple of years, small heel, one piece Milcom bridge, , Brazilian Rosewood board all the “Early” PRS goodies another one gone the way of Ebay

PRS McCarty Rosewood Neck

Pair of tapable McCarty humbuckers, slightly thicker body than most PRS’s and that amazing solid Rosewood neck gives tones to die for. The Rosewood necks really do feel like silk, if you ever get the chance, try one (but only if you are prepared to be unhappy with all your other guitars), now living in Ireland

PRS Custom 24

The original PRS Custom 24 this one is from 1990 with all the pre factory move features (small heel, sweet switch) HFS and Vintage Bass pickups modern classic ! now rocking in Litchfield

PRS Custom 24

PRS Custom 24 with Artist Pack (gold plated hardware, Brazilian Rosewood fretboard and amazing top) regular neck carve and for some reason the lightest CU24 I’ve come across, moved to Leeds to keep music live.

PRS singlecut

(Martin’s first PRS) not quite as much grunt as the Les Paul but a precision and smoothness that’s second to none, now in Nottingham with another PRS fan.

PRS Custom 22 Soapbar

Three Seymour Duncan P90s with PRS’s unusual switching options give some great sounds, sorry they don’t make them any more ! This one has made the short move to Shefford but sometimes gets to gig in London

PRS Swamp Ash Special

One of the most versatile PRS’s this one has had acoustic saddles fitted for even more sounds, this one has returned north to Grimsby to help keep music live.

PRS Custom 24

10 top and when I bought it unusual because it had PRS7 pickups (usually only found on singlecuts) its now got BareKnuckle Mules which can be coil taped to give some awesome sounds. After being reunited with its original pickups (HFS & VB this fine guitar has now gone to Manchester via Welwyn Garden City.

PRS Custom 24

Birds, 10 top, all the goodies unusual because it has Dragon II pickups usually found on CU 22s, plays and sounds like a dream incredible range of sounds from two pickups, now living in Stockton on Tees.

PRS singlecut Soapbar SE Mark 1

Ron’s latest squeeze, P90s give that raunchy Les Paul junior vibe, another one gone the way of Ebay.

Future Gigs

June 2024
28th - Private Function - Clapham
Time: 08:00pm - 11:00pm

July 2024
6th - Barnwell Village Hall – private event - Barnwell
Time: 08:30pm - 11:00pm

21st - The Wig & Pen - Northampton
Time: 04:00pm - 06:30pm

27th - The Flowerpot - Bedford
Time: 08:00pm - 10:45pm

August 2024
3rd - The Devonshire Arms (TBC) - Bedford
Time: 09:00pm - 11:00pm

10th - The Walnut Tree - Blisworth
Time: 09:00pm - 11:30pm

17th - The Red Lion - Swaffham Prior
Time: 05:00pm - 07:30pm

25th - The Headlands - Northampton
Time: 02:00pm - 05:00pm

26th - The Flowerpot - Bedford
Time: 08:00pm - 10:45pm

September 2024
21st - The Cellar Bar - Bedford
Time: 08:30pm - 10:45pm

October 2024
5th - The Fox Inn – private party – invitation only - Carlton
Time: 08:30pm - 11:30pm

9th - St James WMC - Northampton
Time: 08:30pm - 11:00pm

13th - Esquires - Bedford
Time: 05:00pm - 08:00pm

November 2024
2nd - Sundon Park Social Club - Luton
Time: 09:00pm - 11:30pm

December 2024
21st - The Flowerpot - Bedford
Time: 08:00pm - 10:45pm

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